Roll Call is a 7-minute yoga breath work meditation class taught right in the roll calls, as the police begin their shift. Officers are seated, and are in uniform. Deep breathing increases our ability to focus, and brings a heightened situational awareness and thoughtful calm response.  This is crucial for those in high stress professions. 


Yoga is the Sanskrit word for union. Cop To Yoga joins law enforcement with the healing powers of yoga breath work and music. It gives cops a chance to rebalance, recenter, and access compassion for themselves and those they serve. Be sure to check out the playlist at the bottom of this page to hear what we’ve been listening to.


Cop To Yoga is a volunteer peace initiative, focused on the well-being of law enforcement.  It is based in community, with the goal of joining together our police officers and ourselves, at the most local level. We all have the right to remain silent and connect to the peace within. Cop To Yoga© reminds us to take a few deep breaths together. 

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Roll Call

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